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7 Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety

March 02, 2021 3 min read

7 Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety

You’ve probably noticed, but your dog is not a machine, even if it might be easier if they were. Potty training just by pressing a button? Sleep mode? Volume control?! Truly though, we love our dogs because they are intelligent creatures. They have rich inner lives, and can experience a spectrum of emotions within a single day. It’s what makes each dog unique. Unfortunately, one of those possible emotions is anxiety.

While every dog is different, what is universal is that no pet parent wants to watch their pet suffer. Here at Hangry Woof we are dog parents first, and we have witnessed some of our dogs experience anxiety first hand. It’s what motivated us to look into ways we could help, and led to us to developing our Calming Chews. We wanted a natural product to help our dogs keep calm, and ease stressful situations. But how do you know if your dog is experiencing anxiety?

7 Signs of Dog Anxiety 

The best method of deciphering whether your dog is experiencing stress or anxiety is to first understand what is their normal behavior. Anxiety looks different for every dog and the symptoms they could present are vast. Some dogs may take a more hyperactive approach to showcasing their stress, while others could become lethargic. If your dog is deviating from their normal behavior pattern, andseems uneasy, it’s likely they are trying to communicate that they are feeling anxious. Here are 7 common sign and behaviors of anxiety in dogs.


1.   Trembling, shaking, panting

2.    Licking or chewing in excess

3.   Hiding, reduced activity, or attention seeking

4.    Repeated barking or howling

5.    Destruction

6.    Excretion

7.    Panic

Causes of Anxiety or Stress

You’ve observed your dog’s behavior, talked to a vet, and determined that they’re likely suffering from anxiety. Now what? The next step is to figure out what is causing your dog's symptoms. But just like there is no single picture of what an anxious dog looks like, there is no definitive root cause for anxiety. Common causes of anxiety include:


  Meeting strangers

  Loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or car rides

  Crowded events

  Going to the groomer

  A history of trauma, including past abuse

  Previous experience with other dogs


Once you are aware of your dog’s anxiety triggers you can implement an action plan to help your dog cope. The first step is controlling exposure to the stimulus. This includes both avoiding or removing triggers when possible, and preparing before exposure through methods like taking medications or supplements. You also should work on correcting the behavior. Avoid punishing your dog, as they are unable to control their symptoms. Positively reinforce good behavior with touch, play, or other rewards. As always, the best resource for helping a dog work through an ailment including anxiety is talking to a licensed veterinarian or dog behavior specialist. They will be able to take into account your dogs medical and general history to recommend specific strategies that are individualized for your dog.


The Best Calming Solution for Dog Anxiety 

Whether you have an aging dog or new comer to puppy hood, you'll want to have a jar Hangry Woof Calming Chews handy. Made with a revolutionary formula, our calming chews relieves symptoms of dog anxiety and stress without the groggy side-effects unlike ordinary calming solutions. They're a safe, effective yet fun solution both pet parents and dogs all love!

Natural dog calming aid - Relieves stress, anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, aggression, barking, hyperactive behavior.

Fast-results, great for every occasion - Work as fast as 30 minutes. Best for training, grooming, sleep, airplane travel, car ride, fireworks, thunder, large crowd, sporting events, and more.

Natural ingredients, no fills – Natural, organic, and premium ingredients sourced worldwide and proudly made in the USA. No wheat, corn, soy, or fillers. Healthy delicious soft chewable bites your dog will drool for
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In conjunction with corrective behavior efforts, these treats can go a long way towards helping your pooch overcome anxiety.

Calming Chews active ingredients and benefits:
  • Hemp Powder: Anti-anxiety, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory
  • Valerian Root: Treats insomnia, anti-anxiety
  • Chamomile Extract: Anti-inflammatory, promotes calm and rest, anti-anxiety
  • Passion Flower: Reduces anxiety symptoms
  • L-tryptophan: Improves mood, aids in sleep

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