Natural Dog Calming Treats

  • Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety and stress that lead to depression, restlessness, and destructive behaviors. Help your dog stay calm and relax with our Natural Dog Calming Chews. 

  • These Calming Chews help with separation anxiety, stress, sleep, fear, pain, barking, biting, and hyperactive behaviors.  Great for training, grooming, airplane travel, car rides, thunderstorms, fireworks, large crowd, sporting events and so much more.

  • These treats are made with 100% natural botanical herbs and cold pressed hemp oil.  No fillers, junk, or side-effects.  Only the best for your best friend.

Satisfaction Guaranteed ★Made in USA ★Vet Recommended

These Chews are Proven to Help Your dog Chill out 


Separation Anxiety & Stress


Hyperactive Behaviors

Pain & Tension

What's Inside Our Dog Calming Chews

Easily recognizable ingredients that are both tasty and beneficial to your dog's wellbeing.

Design to help your dog unwind without the worries. Our Calming Chews naturally soothe dogs stress without the unpleasant side-effects. From chamomile flowers to cold pressed hemp oil, it's only the best for your best friend. 

  • 100% natural, wholesome ingredients

  • No artificial fillers or harsh chemicals

  • Holistic alternative to harsh sedatives

  • No drowsiness or grogginess

  • Non GMO

Loved by 1000's of pet parents

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Calming Chews

+100,000s of jars sold


3x's sold out! Our best selling Calming Chews naturally helps dogs de-stress, chill out and face their fears. A pure and gentle formula, relieve anxiety and promote relaxation without the unwanted side-effects of sedatives.


Satisfaction Guaranteed ★Made in USA ★Vet Recommended

Your Questions, Answered.

Still have questions? Email us at info@thehangrywoof.coom

How fast does these work?

Our calming chews can start working as fast 30 minutes! However, every dog is different so some dogs may take more time to start seeing an impact, some may take less. 

When should I give these to my dog?

We recommend giving these supplements 30 minutes prior to an anxiety causing event like car rides, leaving the house, thunderstorms and so much more.

What can I use these for?

Our calming chews can aid with stress, anxiety, pain, sleep, fear, aggression, barking, biting, and hyper behaviors.

How many should I give my dog?

Here's the recommended dosage for our calmng chews.

Weight Daily Amount

Under 10 lbs - 1 chew per day

10 to 30 lbs - 2 chews per day

31 to 60 lbs - 3 chews per day

61 to 90 lbs - 4 chews per day

over 90 lbs - 5 chews per day

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